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When I was young, I began to hunt for the sake of nature and wild life. After that, I have interested in hunting equipments, as well as guns, cartriges, hunting gears and knifes.
ShepherdIn these days there was no chance to use internet and technology, that is why; I have learned all kind of these interests from foreign catalogs and hunting magazines.

However the time has changed too much and by the help of technology, I can get information about what I want. Beside these, I have searched many kind of knifes features and positions with an admirable and adorable way.

In my researches, I understand that good quality of custom work of art special knifes was made by the estimable great master smiths knifemakers. At the same time with near the skilled serial productions. They offer largest selection of custom knifes and founded society related to knifemakers. And internet companies to sell custom knifes and are helping to grow the online custom knife market. .(

I have hoped to see Turkish knife makers but unfourtanately not there was no Turkish masters. Our Turkish knifemasters haven’t known and they haven’t shown interest to their arts. There are only few knifes which has been kept in their ownership.

İs one of the most famous art knife master is Smith Daniel Winkler who is from Arkansas in USA. He is known to feel admiration for American Indian. He has showed this admiration by making some special knifes and axes.

If you have borned and grown in Konya, you would know that smells of sheep and wool. I have shared my meal with so many shepherds at nature and hunting trip,

even if I was not a smith or knife master. However, I have tried to make some knifes in the sake of shepherds. I have designed some kinds of suitable knifes models to stepps. Knifemaker Hüseyin Kocaman made my knifes in beautifully shape which I had drawn them before.

I have also made knife’s handles from walnut and apricot trees. and goat horn. I have added silver nails on to the these wood pieces.

I used Konya felts (which is one of the most important handfelted center in the world), and sheep skins for making knife sheaths. I have both designed their model and done all kind of sheats with my own hands.

I am dedicating to these special collection’s name ( STEPPE SHEPHERD’S KNİFES )

to the unknown of steppe shepherds.

Kemal Elitemiz


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